13 BBQ Recipes Barbecue

Spiced corn on the cob

This recipe for spiced corn on the cob is based on a grilled Mexican street snack but gets a bump of flavor from punchy Korean gochujang sauce. If you can’t find it, use any garlicky chili sauce.  This veggie BBQ side dish is a great way to pep-up sweetcorn for your next barbecue

Smoky miso aubergines

Miso and aubergine are a match made in heaven, and this recipe is perfect for the BBQ this summer. Make sure you check the miso is vegan if that’s the diet you follow.

Mozzarella and basil bread

Our favorite garlic bread recipe, perfect for a BBQ side. Stuff baguettes with mozzarella, basil, and garlic, then BBQ or bake for a delicious twist on this family favorite

Blistered runner beans with bagna cauda

Revamp your runner beans this summer with our pan-fried recipe. This BBQ side idea is matched with a super fresh and zesty dip called Banga cauda.

Grilled prawns with roasted gooseberry salsa

Believe it or not, prawns and gooseberries are made for each other. Try them together in this super simple BBQ recipe.

BBQ scallops

Check out our easy barbecue scallop recipe, perfect for a quick yet impressive dinner party starter. You’ll need to get scallops in shells from a fishmonger – ask them to clean them for you and keep the shells for cooking. If you’re grilling, use little beds of coarse salt to keep the scallops level.

Grilled Portuguese sardines

Check out these sweet and peppery crispy sardines, ready in 20 minutes. These are great on a griddle, but will also work on the BBQ when the weather warms up. Serve with a big green salad and lots of crusty bread

Whole sea bream with chili and lemongrass

Our BBQ fish recipe for delicately soft barbecued sea bream, with fiery chili and punchy lemongrass marinade, makes for a great summer BBQ. In Phu Quoc and coastal regions of Vietnam, huge tanks of live fish and shellfish are a common sight in markets. Customers barter for what they want, choose a marinade and dipping sauce, and it all gets cooked on a huge charcoal grill in minutes

Barbecued squid with charred lemon and caper dressing

This recipe for barbecued squid with charred lemon and caper dressing is really quick and easy to make, but it tastes delicious and looks impressive – perfect for entertaining. The simple charred lemon and caper dressing works well with the fresh squid. Recipe by Rosie Birkett.

Smoked trout, new potato, and grilled cucumber salad

Our recipe for smoked trout, new potato, and grilled cucumber salad is a great one to make for a summer BBQ. You need a BBQ with a lid that closes and wood chips to create the smoke for the trout and potatoes. If you don’t want to smoke your own fish, you can use lightly smoked raw trout or salmon and cook it in the oven instead.

Lime grilled salmon tacos with avocado cream

These zesty lime grilled salmon tacos with avocado cream are a great option for when it’s hot outside. They’re ready in just 20 minutes, making them perfect for when it’s too hot to stand by a hot grill for ages

Grilled avocado halves with harissa hummus and tahini yogurt

We love avocado! This vegetarian BBQ recipe for grilled avocado halves with harissa hummus and tahini yogurt has even been promoted to a BBQ star

Turmeric and coconut paneer with charred naans

Our recipe for turmeric and coconut paneer with charred naans makes the perfect vegetarian BBQ skewers. Use an old baking tray to cook the naans as it won’t be fit for use in the oven afterward. Alternatively, cook them in a heavy-based frying pan on the hob until golden and puffed on both sides

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