Middle Eastern Lamb Koftas BBQ

Kofta Kebabs There are a bunch of Middle Eastern restaurants in my neighborhood. From shawarma spots to Persian, Greek, and other restaurants, I love the flavors in Middle Eastern cuisine. A common food among many of these spots is food on a pita. Whether it is shawarma, gyro or doner, I love food this region’s … Read more

12 Best BBQ

12 Best BBQ

12 Best BBQ Korean-style lamb chops with spicy sesame cucumber salad An easy recipe for a Korean BBQ at home. Lamb chops marinated in a sweet-sour sauce, then grilled and served with spicy cucumber salad and chili sauce Dr. Pepper ribs The caramel and spice flavors of the fizzy Dr. Pepper drink add an extra … Read more

12 Tips for Planning the Ultimate Backyard Barbecue

For a truly impressive backyard barbecue, you need the right tools and a great plan for a successful day out in your yard. Larger outdoor parties like these come with their own challenges, and since you’ll be spending lots of time in front of the grill, it’s important to prepare ahead of time. That’s why … Read more

Five Steps to Planning a Back-to-School BBQ

With the return to school upon us, parents and teachers are socializing and getting to know each other in schoolyards and gyms throughout the world. Traditionally, many schools host a back-to-school themed barbeque or event to encourage introductions, mixing and mingling, and generally promote good relations among parents, students, and administrative staff. These events can … Read more

TAKE THE STRESS OUT OF PLANNING Having friends and family together during the summer months should be fun and relaxing.

Use these BBQ tips to help plan, host, and enjoy your perfect summer get-together! Attending a summer barbecue is always a great time, but hosting one can be stressful—whether you’re hosting a small group or planning a larger gathering. But with a bit of planning and a well-thought-out menu, it can be easy to make … Read more

4 Steps To Plan The Ultimate Summer BBQ

When warm weather rolls around and the days get longer, chances are, your calendar is marked with all kinds of BBQs—birthday celebrations, family parties or social gatherings. After all, nothing says summer like a backyard BBQ that allows you to enjoy a cold beer, seasonal food and the great outdoors while mingling with your family and … Read more

Planning a Community BBQ

No matter the size of your neighborhood, having a close tight-knit community is important. Our neighbors are the eyes and ears of our community when each of us is away from home. We confide, trust and depend on our neighbors for neighborly duties, crime prevention, and general kindness and that makes living in our community … Read more